So what exactly does that confusing title mean?

Well, how many times have to opened up a website you’ve created only to find the copyright year in the footer completely out-dated? “Company Name: Copyright 2011… In 2015” and yes you might say “it’s only a minor annoyance to keep track of updating the text every year”, but I say life’s all about finding ways to remove the little minor annoyances and that’s where programming comes in.

Why even bother? You ask, whilst sipping your coffee, pinky extended. Basically it doesn’t give the business a very professional look. Visitors might wonder if they ceased operating or updating the website? If this is an online shopping or credit card processing website, is it still secure? etc etc.

So instead of worrying about going through every website you’ve created and manually updating the year, why not let some good old fashion server-side programming do it all for you?

The following snippet we’ve posted to the snippets section on CSS tricks will automatically update every year, forever. Set it and forget it.

Click here to go to the snippet

Instructions on how to use the snippet are all on that CSS-Tricks link. Also if you need to change the format, you just need to reference the standard PHP date function options.

We hope it saves you 0.3s for every website you would have had to update manually every year, removing that one extra minor annoyance!